Editing by Amanda

Editing PortfolioFrom elementary school on, I received exceptional grammar education, and I have a strong understanding of both the mechanics and art of grammar. As a professional, I have experience working with a national literary magazine with an international distribution, and I have edited professionally at various companies for a number of years. I have edited textbooks, academic books, medical papers, literary fiction and essays. I perform all types of editing. I provide structural feedback on any project whether fiction or nonfiction. I also love to copyedit (also known as manuscript editing or line editing) or proofread manuscripts closely for grammatical and other errors, and I will follow any style guide you may require. [Amanda] knows when to let an author’s words speak for themselves, and when to polish them and improve upon their syntax so that the meaning shines through.
-Dr. Randall Fuller
Ms. Brockus’ experience, educational background, and attention to detail made her the ideal candidate for this type of work.
-Julie (Tofflemire) Emmett

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