I have always loved language. As a child I was an avid reader, and an unusually strong interest in grammar. More recently, I have had many exciting opportunities to work with language professionally. I began Spanish tutoring and translation more than ten years ago. I have written many types of texts and passages for professional and literary purposes for nearly ten years, and during most of that same time I have been involved in intensive editing of many types of works. For the past few years, I have also dabbled in translating Korean texts and songs into English. Together, these experiences taught me to manipulate language to successfully overcome diverse challenges. Whether you are facing your own language challenges, or you just need someone to face them for you, I can help. My services are always affordable and always quality. I take great pride in my work and even more in helping other people to be proud of theirs.


Editing Portfolio

I perform all types of editing. I provide structural feedback on any project whether fiction or nonfiction. I also love to edit manuscripts closely for grammatical and other errors, and I will follow any style guide you may require.

Writing    |    English Tutoring/Writing Coaching

Writing Portfolio

I can write something for you or contribute to your publication. I can also tutor a student you know or help you to become a better writer. I love to write, but I will not do anyone’s homework.

Learning English (ESL)

English Teaching Portfolio

I enjoy my work with internationals, and I love to help them succeed in English. I am located in Columbia, MO and can meet students face to face in mid-Missouri; however, I would be happy to meet online if a student somewhere else is looking for an experienced teacher of English.